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Cards restricted
« dnia: Lipiec 27, 2006, 06:07:34 pm »

Demianx asked me for this so there you have it:

Cards restricted to one copy in collection:
-Divine Inspiration
-Expedite Request
-Gift of Fate
-Greater Domination
-Snub the Cardinal
-Desperate Times
-Double Duty
-Greater Divination
-Gusts of Hesitation
-Loot and Pillage
-Storm of Chaos
-Supply Line Severed
-Wave of Righteousness
-Wrath of Algeroth
-Cleansing Flame
-Grand Assault
-Secret Assassin
-Fool's Gold
-Missing in Action
-Second Thoughts
-A Nasty Surprise
-A Second Chance
-Board Room
-Cryotech Chamber
-Eye of Algeroth
-Innocent Bauble
-Pass the Buck
-Working on the Sly
-Don't Call Again!
-Eat This!
-Hasty Getaway
-Pound ov Flesh
-Navigational Error

Cards forbidden:
-Bogged Down
-Ruthless Efficiency
-Corporate Shenanigans
-Eternal Curse
-The Falcon of Pilgrims
-Mask of the Vestals
-Suicide Attack
-Limited Resources
-Deal With It
-Golgotha Unleashed


Soon pretorianstalker is going to upload scans of Base Set, where the most changes were implemented between 1ED and 2ED(gE).